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ERP Consulting is offering short intensive boot-camp programs designed for professionals in their field. Our E-Marketing Boot-Camp focuses on E-Marketing techniques and strategies that can help any forward-thinking organization be competitive in today’s business environment. Students will get an overview of the fundamentals and key channels of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is expanding in the field of marketing. There are constant innovations in this field, as new platforms come and go. It’s a dynamic and exciting path with unlimited opportunities in business, marketing, web design, video editing, copy, and so much more.

For professionals and students who don’t have a previous digital marketing experience and would like to start learning digital marketing from scratch please check out our full Digital and Social Media Course that is being provided in partnership with ERP College.

  • Complete 40 classroom hours 


Candidates for the E-Marketing Boot-Camp must meet the following criteria: 

Post-Secondary Degree or Undergraduate Degree: 

  • Verified By Transcript
  • Prioritize Marketing
  •  English Language Proficient

English as a Second Language E.S.L. must pass one of the following:

  • International English Language Testing System I.E.L.T.S. score of 5 
  • Canadian Language Benchmark C.L.B. level 5 

Internal Interview Process

  • Technical Aptitude 
  • Program applicants require an interview. Successful candidates have their choice of program.
  • Police Background Check as Needed


Our specialized boot-camp-style courses develop essential knowledge needed to expand into the digital market. Our intense information dense course expands on a students already established skills in their industry.

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Strategist
  • User Experience Designer
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Marketer
  • IoT Marketing Specialist


Section 1: Course Introductions & Intro to Digital Marketing

Section 2: Digital Marketing Planning

Section 3: Website Audit & Strategy

Section 4: Search Engine Optimization

Section 5: Search Engine Marketing

Section 6: Email Marketing

Section 7: Video Marketing

Section 8: Social Media Marketing

Section 9: Mobile Marketing & Affiliate Marketing

Section 10: Measuring Marketing Results