Looking for a First-Class Technical & Business Consultant?



We understand the value of equipping students with the skills to enjoy and engage with STEM field at an early age. We are proud to work with local schools and organizations to cultivate the technologists of tomorrow.

Some of our work has included

  • Coding workshops to give local students insight into a career in tech
  • Career shadowing days for high schoolers interested in learning about the IT field
  • Sponsorship of tech events and conferences with local partners


ERP strongly values giving back to our community. Working together towards a philanthropic cause helps to give perspective and unity to us as an organization. We participate in a number of charity events, campaigns and initiatives every year at both the regional and international level.

Business Services

We help you shape and position your business services in a way that enhances the output of your clients.

Financial Services

Our financial experts help you analyze financial data, to create a rock steady financial foundation.

Energy and Environment

We work with energy companies to increase their efficiency and eliminate any environmentally harmful practices.

Consumer Products

We help companies dealing in consumer products create and present products that perfectly blend in with the zeitgeist.