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Budget 2019: A Plan for Jobs and the Economy, focuses on three key priorities:

  1. Getting Albertans back to work
  2. Making life better for Albertans
  3. Standing up for Alberta

The budget includes moderate cuts to operating spending of 2.8% over four years ($1.3 billion lower than 2018-19 levels), compared to the nearly 20% cuts Albertans saw in the 1990s.

We are acting now to ensure we never have to deal with that scale of cutbacks again.

The private sector is the engine of growth and job creation. This plan is built on broad-based tax relief and a sensible approach to legislation that supports job creation.

Supporting investment in Alberta

A strong economy will mean more jobs and higher paycheques for Albertans so they can take better take care of their families.

Our focus is on laying the foundation for sustainable economic growth and making Alberta one of the most competitive places to invest in North America.

  • Eliminated the carbon tax, saving the average family around $665 per year.
  • Reduce corporate tax rate from 12% to 8% by 2022 so businesses can grow and create more jobs.
  • Implement an enhanced capital cost allowance to support business investment and job creation.
  • Move to a low-rate, broad-based tax approach to encourage economic diversification.
  • Cut red tape from government processes, making it easier to invest in Alberta.

Investing in skills and training

A highly skilled workforce is critical to attracting industry and investment. Alberta needs to change the way it funds institutions that develop Alberta’s skilled workforce so it’s more responsive to skills shortages and future labour market changes.

  • Alberta will move to a new post-secondary sector funding model, while lifting the tuition freeze.
  • Post-secondary institutions will be challenged to engage with industry to graduate the workers industry and business need.
  • Alberta will restore investor confidence by supporting research, innovation and commercialization to develop and advance talent, grow sectors, and leverage funding from partners and the private sector.

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